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A Lot of Perks

We tend to believe that the best things in life are built by hand. Bootstrap and Tailwind are two of the most reliable & customizable frameworks in history. This guarantees your site doesn't appear the same as your competitor. It also guarantees your site doesn't break with an update.
By ensuring your site meets all the criteria Google, Facebook and the others set, we keep your business where your potential customers find it. Be honest, when's the last time you've scrolled past the 1st page of Google results.
One of the most overlooked and neglected parts of a website, your site's security score plays a huge role in SEO and will continue to do so in the upcoming years. We guarantee your website's security score from the start.
Style & Brand Guide
Consistency ensures your site and your brand stays at the top of Google's Search Results. Capturing the voice of your business ensures your core values are always on display right there on the first page where potential clients can see them.
Future Proof
Clean code allows us to design and develop most websites without the need for the bulky overhead of "themes" you'll never need, much less use. This guarantees your site has higher security, speed and accessibility scores than the rest.
Save Money
We offer you the ability to edit your website all by yourself. No need to pay us or any other web designer a bunch of money to make small changes to your site. With our custom app, you can make changes any time you'd like as often as you'd like.

Want to know what else you're getting?

Automation is the spice of life. Especially when it helps your business increase its customer base and revenue.
By filtering through the noise of social media, we are able to generate actionable insights from your customer base and their interactions with your products.
Automated Competitor Analysis
Automated SEO Keyword Audits
Automated PageSpeed Reports
Automated Analytics & User Stats

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Why pick us to build your website?

Design Style
We take a modern, minimalistic approach which allows you to have more input on the direction of the brand you built. Clean code will serve your business well in the battle for Google's top spot in the search rankings. Using flexible frameworks & and clean code allows us to build websites for any business, in any industry, worldwide.
Pixelsum App
Our custom app gives you unlimited access to the entire process and guarantees you know the status of your new website at all times. See something you want changed? Make a comment on your live site showing us exactly what you want. It's your business… we just want to help you show it off.
Technical SEO
How Google's & Facebook's crawlers (behind-the-scenes-robots) view your site is just as important as the obvious stuff everyone would notice. We go to great lengths, and guarantee, your website will be fully secured, minified for speed, and built to increase organic traffic to it.
Continuous Adjustments
We set up monitors to constantly check and audit your website, (and your competitor's sites), to track subtle changes on Google's gradebook. Our goal is to make half-time adjustments as necessary to win the ballgame. For us, that's your satisfaction with our product, increased visibility and revenue as a result of it, and your word of mouth reviews and endorsement.

Better design for your content

By always designing mobile first, your business looks good on any screen. Whether it's products, services or just useful information, never worry whether the people viewing your website can read your website.
Touching a Mobile Phone Screen
It's time to make your website feel like a mobile app.
2 iPhone Devices with Screenshot Mockups

How does this work?

Questions & Answers
It starts with a quick meeting and a few questions. This kicks off our process by giving us some quick insight into who you are, what your business does,
and what your primary reasoning is for wanting a new website.
This in turn allows us to customize the next step in the process.
Designs & Customizations
The 2nd step of our process kicks off with us designing a handful of templates for your site. Why a handful?
Our goal is to capture the voice and personality of your business. We strongly believe in bringing an organic, collaborative approach to the creative process.
What does this mean for me?
Your values, integrity, and hardwork show through at the top of Google's rankings.
Revisions & Optimizations
The 3rd step brings us to our favorite part of the whole process – making your new website just right for your customers.
By constantly revising our efforts based off of real-time data, we are able to ensure your clients (and potential clients) view your newly published website just as fondly as Google does.
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